Sunday, January 31, 2010

Basketball and cheerleading

Saturday was our second Saturday of basketball and cheerleading games. Last Saturday, Macy was very unsure--she played GREAT defense, but wasn't very agressive and didn't get in there to grab the ball.

We had many pep talks this week, and it worked. She made three baskets! She wasn't afraid of the ball this week.Next week--who knows! Here's a little 5 minute video of her playing; I got one of the baskets on video. I'm not a steady videographer; please excuse that. :) It needs to buffer every minute or so.

Bobby's her coach, and I really love watching him with the girls. He is a natural coach, and really makes it fun for the girls.

Kaylin elected to do cheerleading this year, and she loves it! She's with a couple of her friends, and she really loves shaking her pom pons and yelling. She likes to spin around, as you can see. Here's a video of her:

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