Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things that annoy me

Because this is the kind of mood I'm in tonight...things that annoy me...
  • When my chip breaks off in the salsa
  • When the clerk gives me my receipt, my change in dollar bills and coins at the same time. Hello, change goes in one place, dollar bills in another, receipt in another. I can't do all that at once while there are people in line behind me!
  • When students refuse to help with a fun project
  • When my husband goes on a call in the middle of the night and forgets his cell phone
  • When I'm in a hurry, Kaylin slows down to a crawl
  • When Macy blames me for every thing that goes wrong
  • When I lose at Scrabble on my iPhone
Such trivial things when there are greater problems in the world, I know. But still. Come on!

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