Friday, February 26, 2010

Today I embarrassed my daughter

Today I embarrassed my daughter. It wasn't the first, won't be the last. I went to eat lunch with the girls. Kaylin wanted McDonalds, so I obliged. Her friends were so happy to see me, hugging me, "Miss Jennifer, open my milk!" "Miss Jennifer, I want to sit by you!" We had a great twenty minutes, laughing, joking, with all the kids around her.

Then here came trouble. She did not want McDonalds, so she bought the school lunch. Macy was at the end of her class, so all the kids before her were saying hi, giving me high-five, waving. Then Macy and little stinker Anna, who I am NOT fond of, come down the line.
"Mom. My friends do not want to say hi to you all the time!" No smile.
"Oh, really, honey? They looked pretty happy to see me."
"Well, they weren't. Don't say hi or wave to my friends, okay? It's embarrassing."
Fine. So we sat for twenty minutes, and I made a special effort to not talk to any of her friends. She did talk with me and I was allowed to talk to Anna after she asked me a question. I tried not to smile, or laugh, or do anything "embarrassing."


But the joke's on her. After her class left, a class with her best friends was still in the cafetaria. Because Macy couldn't see, I went over to them. Kaylee and Jessica WILLINGLY got up and gave me hugs. So then Hannah, Mallory, Chloe and Paige did too.

Ha, Ha. Macy. See, your friends DO like me.

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