Thursday, February 11, 2010

V-Day parties!

Newspaper had their annual Decorate a Valentine's Box party today. They weren't as creative as last year, with one major exemption. Click here for Last year's Valentine creations...

This is Jordan. Jordan is obsessed with the show The Office. Jordan designed a mega Valentine box designed after the show. Jordan won 1st place. 

My pictures do not do this thing justice. It was huge. It was divided into little cubicles, with little desks that even had little scissors on them. There was a vending machine and fridge, like in the break room.

But the best part of all was that there was a color cut-out of each Office character, sitting at his/her desk, with some of her favorite quotes by that person. It was quite spectular.

This is Amanda's box. Amanda is obessed with Sex and the City. Amanda is 16. Amanda won for "Prettiest"
This is Lily's box. Lily is obsessed with Spongebob, so she made his pineapple under the sea.

And this is Olivia. I'm not sure where to start with Olivia. This is my pillowcase, left over from Senior Girls Lock-In last week that is being used as Olivia's Valentine box.

And here's my newspaper crew. Seniors in front row, juniors in the middle, sophomores in the back. Missing two seniors (my token black boys, as they politically incorrectly refer to themselves). They are a good group of kiddos, 99% of the time. We'll just ignore the other 1%.

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jennifer said...

Your student Jordan - her box is awesome!!! Man she put alot of effort into that. The Office is one of my favorite shows.