Monday, February 8, 2010

Kaylin's Bad Day

Kaylin has had a rough day.

First, her dad brought Macy McDonald's for lunch, and not her. Don't ask me what he was thinking. Obviously he wasn't.

Next, at dance, the lolligram Valentine I bought for her wasn't delivered to her dance class. All the other girls in her class got one, and she was the only one who didn't. Big crocodile tears streamed down her face as she shared this with me. The woman in charge of the lolligrams found Kaylin's after class, and felt so bad she gave her another one.

Then at cheerleading, her megaphone cracked in half, and she got whacked hard in the head.

Finally, her bed has sprung a leak. She has the same waterbed with tubes that I had in high school (so you know that bed is pretty old) and at least one of the tubes is leaking. Water all over her bed. She's sleeping with me tonight.

Here's to hoping tomorrow turns out better for her.

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