Friday, February 5, 2010

Senior Girls Lock In

Last night I participated in the long-standing tradition Senior Girls Lock-In. Senior girls arrive at the gym at 10:00, and are locked in until 5:30 am. They paint signs to hang in the gym, and they painted a lot of signs. Just about every club, group or sport now has a sign hanging in the gym. They ate lots of candy, cookies, and other junk, drank lots of energy drinks and Mountain Dew. Some slept, some had a dance party for hours, the more studious ones did homework, while others just sat and talked.

Two of my really good friends and I chaperoned, which meant we had to check the girls for any illegal substances when they arrived, mainly no open containers of any sort. Then we had to approve signs for any inappropriate language, mainly referring to balls of any sort. We also ate lots of junk and drank Coke Zero (you know how I'm addicted). One friend slept, while the other one and I played Scrabble on our iphones for two hours. I beat her by one point at 4:45 am.

Then we hustled the kids out into the snowy slush to go home, only to return in less than two hours. I did not go home, but went to my classroom. I have a very nice soft red couch, and it was a nice bed for about an hour and a half, wrapped in my sleeping bag. I locked myself in so no one would surprise me.

And now I'm teaching all day. At least I got a free t-shirt out of the deal.

A couple funny things: while playing scrabble, Misty put "yes" on the end of an "e". My brain didn't register that correctly (maybe because it was 3:45 am) and I couldn't figure out what e-yes meant. Yes, it was eyes. I did the same thing about an hour later with the word "quart".

I accidently left my coat at home, and accidently left my laptop in my car. There was no way I was walking out in the cold snow, without a coat, to get my laptop. So I walked down to the library to check out an extra laptop that they reserve for subs. The librarians got quite a kick out of my story. And the last person to check out the laptop? My husband.

My bed is going to feel good tonight.