Thursday, December 31, 2009

Visit to the doctor

Macy and I had a doctor's appointment  yesterday; blood pressue med changes for me, and a well-child visit for her. Love that we share a doctor, so we can go together!

We missed the six and seven-year-old well child visits (oops) so we were very overdue for one. She is 53 1/2 inches, which puts her in the 90% percentile for height--big surprise. We knew she was taller than most other girls her age!

She also has a wart on her hand that has be removed. We scheduled the freezing zap-zap for Monday. Of course, she wants me to go instead of Bobby. Good times.

I was on a high dose of an pretty old blood pressure medicine, so we decided to try a newer one that is a lower dosage with a diuretic. The last time we changed my medicine I did not feel good for a week or two; light-headed and woozy. I'm anticipating that again, and with the diuretic, I'll be needing to pee about every twenty minutes too. Good times again.

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