Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Wedding in Pictures

We got ready for the wedding Sunday afternoon and took pictures.

Met up at the church with the cousins and took more pictures.

Found a beautiful bride and her groom

Took pictures with them

No pictures during the ceremony, then we went to the first reception at the church. The handsome groom posed with the little blond girl who kept following him around.

We ate cupcakes, shrimp cocktail, meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, and oh so much chocolate. And the girls ate sugar cubes, meant for coffee or tea.

We ate the special M&M's in these little tins

We waited outside for them to leave the first reception

We threw paper confetti at them as they got in the limo.

*** my favorite shot of the entire weekend***

They waved goodbye to the masses

We traveled to the second reception, and jammed out to High School Musical 3.

We ate shrimp and grits, a Southern delicacy you can read about here, out of these glasses

We ate herb roasted chicken, steak, salad, potatoes, the whole nine yards on tables decorated with beautiful potted plants

We had fun with family we don't normally see, and Papa had fun wearing grandson's glasses.

We ate wedding cake, oh so yummy.

We toasted the new happy couple

We boogied down with our cousins

We took family pictures outside in the beautiful courtyard in the chilly, foggy night air

We ate even more chocolate from the chocolate fountain

We took pictures of Grandma and Papa with their grandchildren on the front porch of the cottage

We took family pictures of the entire group on the front steps

We made new friends

We danced to Party in the USA with our dad

We got kisses from a radiant bride

We blew bubbles while we waited for the happy couple to leave

And at the end of a very long day, in the early morning hours, we listened to Dad read a book about animal safari's.

It was a beautiful wedding, well planned and executed, and execptional in every sense of the word. My pictures and words do not do justice for it.

One funny: Conversation I overheard:
Woman I didn't know: "Is that mink?"
Macy: "No, it's pink!" (with a look of , are you an idiot? don't you know the color pink?)

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