Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Macy's 8th birthday party

Macy wanted another pool party for her birthday. I love how easy they are to plan, so I was all for that. She wanted a Wizards of Waverly Place theme, which is oh-so-difficult to find a cake for. I ended up having a picture put on the cake for an extra $5. Not happy with how it turned out, but hey, it was all gone in about 10 minutes, so it didn't really matter.

The birthday girl...she is getting so big, so mature, so grown-up.

Macy and her Nama and Papa

The group...forgot to get a group picture before they started swiming, so I herded them all over by the stairs. I think we had 20 kids in the pool, plus a couple sibling tag-a-longs.

The following pictures are a record of me trying to get all the kids to jump into the pool at one time. First, not all of them wanted to jump. A few of them were still pretty gun-shy at jumping. Second, it was so loud in there (you have no idea how loud) they couldn't hear me counting. You can see what happened.

Watch Macy's arm in the last three--everyone is jumping in around her, and her arm is still out there. She was like, "Hey! We're all supposed to go at the same time!"

We gave CD's with "magical" music--did you know Magic Carpet Ride, Every little thing she does is Magic, Do you believe in Magic, and Magic have all been re-done by someone from Disney Channel?

Next year her birthday is on a Saturday, and she's planning a sleepover. I welcome a change from a pool party, and, strange as it might sound, I like when they have sleepovers.

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