Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa, Dance and Snow Day!

Saturday night, after the cheer clinic and Macy's birthday party, Macy had to dance outside at a lighting ceremony. It was supposed to be a couple weeks ago, when the weather was great, but was rescheduled for Saturday night when it was 25 degrees. She was on the other side of the stage the entire time, so my pictures aren't great, but she is on the far right, on the end, standing up.


Macy with two of her besties, Paige and Kaylee. She (and we) is so fortunate to have such good friends.

After the dancing, Santa arrived! We were first in line, which was cool. Macy asked for a DS.

Admiring Santa...

Little sister asked for a DS too. Big surprise.

I just love, love, LOVE this picture.

Today is the reason I'm a teacher (okay, maybe not the only reason): SNOW DAY!

It's 11:45, and we have:
  • slept until 8:30
  • had snow ice cream for breakfast
  • made beaded bracelets and necklaces
  • played a Little Pet Shop board game
  • raided the fridge for strange concoctions for lunch
  • asked 852 times if it's warm enough to play outside.
 And now I'm off to do some packing for the Wedding Event of the Year.

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