Friday, December 4, 2009

Inappropriate language

So last night we were all in the kitchen. Bobby was making tacos for dinner, and the girls and I were talking about their day. Macy looks up at me, and says "Is f***er" a bad word? Some kids at school said it was a bad word."

I stared at her for a second, then carefully replied "Yes, it is. It is the top of the line in bad words, and definately not a word we say. You know how we don't say 'oh my g-o-d'?" She nodded. "That word is worse than 'oh-my-g-o-d'" Her eyes got huge.

We discussed this for a minute more, and I kept waiting for Bobby to chime in, or start laughing. Nothing. He's six feet away in the kitchen, and not listening.

So I told Macy to go over and tell Bobby. She whispered in his ear, while giggling. He apparently didn't hear her correctly, so he said "sucker?"

She said "no, f***er!" And she wasn't whispering this time.

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