Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Family Tradition

This afternoon we headed up to the tree farm where we always get our tree. Here's the girls with Santa. Love this guy. This year he looked on his "list" and said Macy sometimes kept her room messy and Kaylin left clothes on her floor. Hmm. How true.

Bobby and Macy on the hayride to the trees.

Me and Kaylin. I was running on fumes at this point, after staying up all night shopping for Black Friday.

Photo Shoot with Macy

Photo Shoot with Kaylin
Checking out the pigs before we left.
Expression on Macy's face when Bobby said, "Yummmm....Bacon!"

After much searching for the PERFECT tree, we have brought it home and put it up. It's crooked. Very crooked. Not sure how he's going to fix it.

As much of a pain it is to find a tree, bring it home and set it up, I LOVE creating this family tradition with the girls. Dragging an artificial tree out of the basement just doesn't have the same memory-making event.

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