Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life's Full Circle

It's funny how life can bring you full circle.

When I was growing up, church was a non-negotiable. Unless you were dying, you went. I can remember many times spending the night with friends on Saturday night, and being picked up for church on Sunday morning. It embarrassed me, I will admit.

But this morning I stood in the living room of a friend of Kaylin's, kids in pj's running all around me, picking her up for church. This is the second Sunday morning in two weeks I've done this (remember when I was worried that Kaylin didn't have any friends?Yeah. About that.) and I had to chuckle, thinking of how life has come full circle.

Then the Sunday School teacher made the same point this morning, and I had to chuckle again.

Thank you Mom and Dad for creating the example, and I hope Macy and Kaylin follow the same lead.

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