Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Tips

1. Wear comfortable shoes. While boots might be stylish and keep your feet warm, after hours of standing on concrete, tennis shoes might be a better choice.

2. Tag-teaming is a must. Once entering the store, one person needs to get in line immediately. The others shop, then return to relieve the person in line so she can shop. Two of the stores had waits of an hour or more, so this allowed you to have a place in line while you continued to shop. A lot of women bring their husbands as line-holders. Mine said, "no way!"

3. Bulky coats are a hassle. A more practical choice might be more layers.

4. Have a list in mind. Yes, $5 pj pants are a great deal, but do you really need them? It's really easy to overspend. Know what you want, and stick to it.

5. Be patient and courteous. At 4:00 in the morning, after being up all night, crankiness can come out in all shoppers. Be nice to others.

This is my 3rd year doing Black Friday, starting at 11:00 pm on Thanksgiving Night. It is an incredible amount of fun. This is my friend Amy. It was her first year to go with us. Her daughter is Kaylee, Macy's BFF. I've mentioned her numerous times.

 And this is the crew...this was our 3rd year doing Black Friday together. Maria, Misty and me. This was about 3:15 am, right before we left Zona and headed over to Kohl's.

Ready for next year!

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