Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Alone and Dinner Choices

Yesterday was an important rite of passage for Macy. She stayed home by herself for about 20 minutes while I ran errands. I asked her what she did: "I watched TV, I thought about making some popcorn but didn't, and I got on your laptop. The battery was dead, so I found the charger and plugged it in. I watched YouTube videos about cats." Love her.  Very proud of her for staying home by herself, but sad she's growing up.

Dinner last night was a hodge-podge, clean out the fridge night. I gave the girls their choices, and they picked out what they wanted. Their choices:

(wholesome, healthy food Nazi's should stop reading)

Macy--1 scrambled egg, can of soup, 1 sausage link, Doritos and Goldfish
Kaylin--1 scrambled egg, Doritos, Goldfish, and a hot dog.

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