Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My birthday!

Another year has passed. I filled out a survey last night online, and had to check the 35-44 box instead of the 25-34 box. I felt sad. :)

Last night we celebrated at Texas Roadhouse, because Bobby had to work tonight. It was a fun evening. Then at 5:00 am, both girls began throwing up. I went on to school and Bobby called in sick to stay home with them until I could get home. I think at one point they were both throwing up at the same time in different bathrooms!

So when I came home, I got to snuggle on the couch all night with them. They were feeling better, but not up to par, so we sat on the couch all night and watched the Disney Channel. They are both asleep in my bed, and I'm heading that way.

A nice, low-key birthday. We are a get-up-and-go family who rarely just sits around on the couch all night, and after the busy weekend, it was a nice break.

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