Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pink Nails and Red Swords

I have weird dreams. People who know me have heard some great ones. Last night's was pretty funny.

Before I went to bed, I checked the time of Obama's inaugration to see which hour it was in on Tuesday. I almost painted my fingernails, but was too tired to wait for them to dry.

On to the dream...

I was at the inaugration, on a warm sunny day, with millions of other people, watching the speech on a plasma tv the size of a small building. Everyone left, and I decided to sit down on a man-hole cover to paint my fingernails. I'm painting them the exact shade of pink I have at home, when Michelle Obama sits down next to me and asks if she can paint her nails too; she's been so busy she totally forgot to paint her nails. I say yes, so we paint away. She gets up and walks away.

Part II

I leave after her, and walk to this glass building that holds an old document in a fancy glass case. I'm looking at it, when I realize Barack Obama is also looking at this document. I'm not surprised to see him, and it doesn't seem odd that he doesn't have Secret Service all around him Then suddenly we are locked in this glass building together. No idea where the Secret Service are! People are looking at us from the other side. I call 911, and explain calmly that I am locked with President Obama in a glass building on the Mall in D.C. As I'm doing that, President Obama starts running around with a plastic red sword and yelling "I have a red sword!" The dispatcher tells me help will be on the way. President Obama hands me the sword, I thank him. Then one of the glass walls disappears, and we walk out onto the grass and that's the end.

Holy cow, that was a strange dream. Ranks right up there with some of the best.

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jenn said...

Did you have potatoes that day? That's my theory, potatoes = weird dreams...