Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

When making lunches one day this week, I did not discover a completely untouched peanut butter and jelly sandwich from that day's lunch. I did not leave it in the lunchbox and send it with the same child the next day.

When playing the "My name is Amy and I sell apples" game, I got the letter P. I did not say "My name is Priscilla and I sell panties" and then I did not giggle hysterically because my children didn't know the hidden meaning behind those words. It is wrong that I thought that was funny.

When eating out Saturday night, I was not served a basically RAW hamburger. I did not send it back, and with immense apologies from the chef, I did not receive said hamburger back with a little less pink, but no where near the medium well I requested. GRRRRR....

When my youngest was acting spastic tonight, I did not tell her she had ADHD. She then did not run around the rest of the night saying, "I have ADHD!"

[Note: Jesse and Melissa, you can skip the next one here.]

When watching an almost-two year old tonight, I did not lose track of her for a moment. I did not find her playing with the dog food while the dog was eating. This is the same child who was not bit by her own dog on her first birthday while playing with the dog food while the dog was eating. However, Gabe just stared at her like "what are you doing!" and I steered her successfully away. [Sorry, Jesse and Melissa. All was fine! I am a qualified babysitter, I promise.]

I did not succumb to peer pressure and join Facebook. And I'm not enjoying it immensely.

Have a great Monday!


Wayne said...

great Not me monday I thought the one about the kid shouting bout the adhd I really chuckled at that one

Anonymous said...

I have never re-lunched a kid's lunch either! ;)