Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow Day mega picture blow-out

The snow day bell worked again!! Hooray! We had a wonderful day just hanging out. Bobby was off, and he is out of town this weekend for Fire School, so it was nice to be able to spend time with him.

Kaylin wanted to eat the snow as she was "helping" Daddy shovel the driveway. No yellow snow, I told her.

Macy, of course, wanted to eat the snow too. I think she got more in her mouth than her sister.

Later in the afternoon, we went sledding. I think this was the first time the girls went actual sledding, down a big hill They had a blast! Here's Macy and Bobby on the first run of the day.

They actually got along well enough to sit in the same sled!

Macy starts off strong...

Oh, no! Tipping over! Hold on, Macy!

And she didn't. Wipeout!

After that, they got the bright idea to go down on their tummies. Or as Kaylin calls it, her tum-tum.

I love this action shot of Macy. She really had a good time.

And one of the last runs of the day, all three of us in the sled.

We were sledding for over an hour and half, and the girls would have kept going if we hadn't cut them off. Their faces were bright red, Kaylin's nose was dripping like a faucet, and their gloves were sopping wet. After dinner, they fell asleep in the car about 7:30. We just carried them upstairs and they slept in their clothes. They were exhausted. Sledding is hard work!

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