Friday, February 1, 2008

Round 1: Hannah Montana!

Tonight a good friend and I took our girls to see the Hannah Montana concert that was made into a 3D movie. We'd purchased our tickets way back on January 4th, and good thing--all the shows this weekend were sold out, and it's only running for a week. We got in line at 6:15; there were probably 30 people in front of us, and the line quickly grew behind us. We did our best to entertain the girls for 45 minutes while waiting.

At 7:00, the line began moving, and FAST! We scooped up all the stuff we had on the floor and moved quickly. Two groups that had been behind us appararenly thought we were too slow, and cut in front of us. Patience, patience. The line moved so fast Jennifer and I were dragging Kaylin and Madelyn by the hand; Jessica and Macy were on their own. I quickly figured out that being trampled by tween Hannah Montana fanatics and their mothers was not a good thing! At one point I was deeply afraid Kaylin would trip and be trampled as we moved up the steps of the theatre. We quickly found 6 seats together, and settled in to wait for the movie to start at 7:30.

Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus had just finished a tour that sold out nationwide in seconds. Someone had the brilliant idea to take that concert and turn it into a movie, charge $15 a person, which allows even more people to see Hannah Montana. She sang most of the songs she did live, along with some backstage footage. It was pretty cool. It was just like a concert as the audience sang, danced, waved their hands, etc. Macy and Jessica stood up and danced through part of it.

The movie was 3D, and the best part of all was when Macy and Jessica figured out what those glasses were for. They jumped a foot as things "jumped" off the screen and "hit" them. They were hilarous to watch all night. Every time Hannah Montana would "jump" off the screen, they'd try to hug her.They were constantly telling us things like, "those drumsticks hit my tummy!" Kaylin was equally hilarous for another reason--she was paralyzed in her seat, mesmerized by what she saw. She sat criss-cross applesauce and didn't move a muscle, staring at the screen.

As we left the theatre at 9:00, the line for the 9:45 wrapped almost across the lobby. Kaylin had her 3D glasses on upside down, and everyone was smiling and pointing at her. The girls sang to the Hannah Montana CD the whole way home, and even how I have those songs stuck in my head.

I'm so glad the girls got to experience something like that--the waiting in line with all those people, the whole experience. They won't forget this for a long time. Makes it all worthwhile.

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