Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't argue with a 4-year-old

Forget the terrible two's--Kaylin has hit the Terrible Four's in full force. Trying to reason with her all of a sudden is impossible. Knowing this, I can't believe the argument I just got into with her.

As an English teacher, I know that their grammar fixes itself as they start into school and hearing correct grammar. I know not to try to fix what they say. I know just to let it go. I know she will speak correctly.

But all day Kaylin has been saying, "Look what I done." I ignored it, ignored it, ignored it. All day she has argued with me, and been difficult. I heard her say again, "Look what I done" to Macy. I couldn't stand it anymore and tried to get her to say "Look what I did." I argued with her and argued with her, and she still is saying it.

I know it was a pointless argument, and I have no idea why I tried.

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