Thursday, February 21, 2008

Scary afternoon

Macy gets off the bus at 3:50. One of us heads down to the bus stop about 3:47, usually. Today at 3:40, my friend Carol calls, who lives two streets over, and about 5 bus stops later. Her daughter Emily got off the bus and said, "Macy's still on the bus. There wasn't anyone there to get her!" I immediately hang up with Carol and call the school. Bobby heads outside. The secretary says the bus barn will usually call at the end of the route if a child is still on the bus, and she puts me on hold to call the bus barn. In the meantime, Bobby comes in with Macy. The bus driver had circled back around and was waiting outside our house!

All I could think about was those clips on the news where a child is left on the bus all night, or the media blames the parents because no one picks up the child! Thank goodness our bus driver (Brenda) is nice enough to go out of her way to bring Macy back. Thank goodness Emily told her mom. And yes, the bus was over 10 minutes early.

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