Monday, February 11, 2008

I hate speaking in front of a group. Absolutely despise it. I followed fatherly advice and took a speech class in high school, but still hate it. i know, coming from a teacher who speaks in front of a group every day, that sounds silly. I'd rather have a room of high school students anyday than a group of my peers.

This morning I had to do a technology training for a rather large number of teachers. When I agreed, I had no idea it would be so many!! I rushed around this morning, got Macy dropped off at 6:30, dropped off Kaylin at preschool, and rushed down to the presentation. All went fine! I followed my handout, helped teachers with questions, and everyone left satisfied. So glad that was over! Tafterwards the woman in charge asked me to do another one! Yikes! So I guess I have to get over this fear.

Bobby was out of town this weekend, and the girls and I were busy. Jump rope for the heart, basketball pictures, basketball game, and girl scout activity.

A picture from Macy's Jump Rope for the Heart--thanks to all who donated! She raised enough money for a water bottle and a jump rope! She had a great time, and we really appreciate the money raised.

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