Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Royals! Finally!

I've been quiet for a few days because my brother's family has been in town, and we've been having too much fun to blog! I'll chronicle their visit in a few blog posts.

Friday night we went to Royals game. I had been dying to go, so it was a fun trip.

My nephew Brandon and I had quite a laugh at this player's name.

The two youngest, Kaylin and Josh.
My sister and her daughter. Oh yeah, it was Ladies Night and we all got blue Royals' sun hats.
The three amigo's.
The 4 youngest grandchildren: Josh, Macy, Hannah and Kaylin. Look at Macy's red hair! It's already fading.
I have a friend who works the camera at Kauffman, and he got the kids on the big Jumbotron! The girls had made signs that said "Free Hugs". I almost missed getting a picture. They were so excited.
Me and the girls. Bobby was working. :(
It was a beautiful night, Royals won, and it was Fireworks Friday. Couldn't ask for more! Long story, but Kaylin and I had to ride home with a friend from church and that was funny to arrange.

Up next: Our homemade PhotoBooth. :)

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