Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lofted in the sky

This weekend my parents watched the girls while we did our 5th annual adult camping/canoe trip. More on that later.

Friday we were driving along and I was reading in peace. I looked at my phone and saw 4 missed calls from my mom, and 2 voicemails. Immediately uncalled back, panicked.

Apparently my mom and Macy had found a loft bed at a garage sale. Macy has been begging and begging for one, and had made Bobby promise to make her one this summer. It was a good deal, so we said sure. Mom paid for it, the guy took it down and took it over to Mom's house.

So of course this afternoon, after a weekend of hanging out with friends. Bobby got to work putting together a loft bed. Macy's in hog heaven, although we've already had to tell her three times that we aren't bringing her food while she's up there hollering "someone help me!"

Now we need another good deal on another loft bed, for a certain younger sister who is, as I type this, searching for prices on loft beds on her iPod.

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