Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Palate expander

Today was the day Kaylin had been simultaneously dreading and being excited for. Today was the day she got her palate expander.

She has a wicked cross bite, and I've said before the dentist probably sees $$$$ when he looks in her mouth. The first step is a palate expander, which she'll wear for 4-6 months, I think. Her mouth is just too small for her teeth.

Macy was with a friend at WOF all day, so I took Kaylin to Zona Rosa. We had Subway for lunch, and ate over by the fountains.

I also took her to Build-a-Bear, for her "Dentist Bear"--just a furry friend for her to take to all her dentist appts. (there will plenty) and give her comfort when the pain kicks in. Dentist Bear will be around for a while.

Then it was off to the dentist. While she was back there, I was in the lobby and let me tell you--that kid talked the ladies' ear off! I don't know how she ended up with the palate expander with as much talking as she did!! They let her watch a movie, but she told me later she couldn't see much because of the lady's hands and head. HA!

Then the dentist called me back, and went over the directions. We go back in a week to have it checked again, and I have to "crank it" only one time between now and then. There's a little hole in the top, and I have to put in a key and turn it. I can remember clearly laying on my mom's bed and having her do the same thing to me.

I took a picture of the mold with the palate expander. Just so we're clear, this is NOT Kaylin's mold. If her's looked like this, we would not be visiting the dentist so often. I really wish I had taken a picture of her's--it was laying right next to this one, and shows how really screwed up her mouth/teeth are.

So far so good on her pain. I've given her Tylenol twice. She hasn't eaten much--a big bowl of ice cream, some pudding, a thing of jello, and that's about it. She tried chips twice--her all-time favorite--and gave up trying to chew the chips. She also gave up on the cheese for some reason. She was pretty funny in the car. Instead of dwelling on what she couldn't eat, she kept saying, "Well, at least I can still eat _____" Ha! Always looking at the positives.

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