Saturday, June 30, 2012

Color Run Picture Blow-out

Macy and I did our 2nd 5k together today. It was the Color Run, which has been called the "Happiest 5k on the Planet" and it was SO MUCH FUN. We signed up back in March or so, and it sold out in about 2 days, 13,000 people! They had to open another date on Sunday.

Here's our team, Team Awesome Socks! We met in the Arrowhead parking lot at 6:30. Yowsa.
Me and my friend Kathleen. We've done a few races together, and she's super speedy fast. Not me...slow and steady wins the race. (well, not really. But finishes the race.)
Me and my friends Amy and Mandy. Amy's daughter Kaylee (one of Macy's BFF's) was supposed to do it with us, but she went to her grandma's in Oklahoma, so Mandy filled in last minute. This was their first 5k ever.
Me and sweet Macy...same height. Yowsa again. She was so excited!

In case you don't know, the premise of the Color Run is to get as much paint on you as possible. You are supposed to start with a white t-shirt and see what you end up like. There were 4 paint stations along the race, then a big color festival at the end.

Here we are after the yellow color station.

Here's my dear friend Jenn and I after the orange station. It was her birthday; what a way to celebrate!

For the race, you ran around Arrowhead and Kauffman. Here's Macy and I in front of the K.

Jenn and I after the blue color station

Macy and I after the pink one, almost at the end of the race. She and Anderson (Jenn's son) literally laid down on the ground and rolled in the pink powder.

Here's the three of us after the race. Kaylin came down with a friend, and enjoyed getting paint all over her without walking or running.

Kaylin is, apparently, going to be prone to heat problems. This is the second time (last year at WOF) she's gotten sick in the heat. She didn't throw up, but we had to wait it out under a tree in the shade. She was fine once she got water and in the air conditioning.
Macy and I again, at the end
Love the turquoise!
Macy and I at the finish line! We did it!
Jenn and Anderson at the finish line
Macy and I at the end. She is amazing! Run/walked 3.1 miles with me without a complaint. She loves it!

We had an absolute blast. Yes, it was 90 degrees (not kidding) but there was a nice breeze and we were moving. The color stations helped break it up, and really, it never even felt like 3.1.

1. Sunglasses were necessary. That stuff BURNED when it got in your eyes.
2. The color tasted disgusting. It supposedly was safe to eat, but so gross you wouldn't want to
3. The crazier the outfit, the better.
4. The color at the festival at the end was a lot brighter than the color along the way.
5. The turquoise doesn't come out all that well, even after showers and scrubbing.

Can't wait until next year!!

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