Monday, June 11, 2012

5th annual Canoe Trip

This weekend was our 5th annual Canoe/Camp Trip with friends. We couldn't remember how many years it had been this weekend, so we did some counting and I did some research on the ol' blog here. 

First annual trip, 2008: Macy's Arm Part III
Second annual trip, 2009: Don't Rock the Boat
Third annual trip, 2010: Can't find a blog entry about it. Was it not exciting enough? I know we went.
Fourth annual trip, 2011: Weekend

This year we ventured to a new place that had a Groupon, and it was nice. Couldn't camp as close to the river as I would have liked, but that's okay. No crazy or fun stories, just a nice relaxing time camping and floating down the river. The river was pretty low, and the boys didn't find any cliffs to jump off, but the girls did find a great spot to float down the current (much better than last year, when we got beat up by the rocks). Just a fun time with friends.

This year I actually took pictures! Not sure why I haven't in the past. Here's all of us before leaving to float. 

 Me and Bobby
 Me and the girls...what kind of smile am I doing? Good grief.
 Took this picture of our campfire, then put some filters on it with Instagram. I thought it turned out pretty good.
 View back up the river at dusk.

It was once again an awesome time with friends. I love being able to get away for just a couple days.  Macy asked me before we left when she would be old enough to go with us. I told her when she had her own kids and needed to get away from them! I'm so thankful Mom and Dad were able to watch them--they had a great time.

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