Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas picture blowout

Leaving milk and cookies for Santa. Our plate says, "Cookies? For me?" and the milk cup says, "No kidding? Milk too?" They're really cute. I went with matching pj pants this year, instead of full pj's.
Not sure who came up with the NORAD Santa tracker, but bless that person. I LOVE that thing! The girls started watching around 3 or 4, and watched pretty much all night. I couldn't tear the laptop away from them!
Opening presents in the morning. She had asked for Jenga, then forgot she'd asked for it. Silly girl.
Ok, could this look any more creepy? Good grief!! She was obviously very excited about this movie.
And look at the expression on her face! Cracks me up. She was unwrapping the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. Yes, she was that excited about a book. As soon as we were done with presents, she immediately started reading. Had it finished the next day. That's my girl.
Moving over to my parents' house Christmas Day. Here's Kaylin and her Papa. The older she gets, the more I think she looks like him. She wasn't feeling well in the morning, and spent a lot of time laying around, but by the time we started opening presents, she was back to herself.
Mom got the girls Snuggies. They love them!
And the best present of all? Pillow pets! Everyone we've talked to got one for Christmas.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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