Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kaylin is 7 today!

Kaylin is 7 today! Hard to believe she's already 7.

7 things I love about this little girl (yes, she's my little girl and always will be)

1. Her blue eyes and blond hair--she's the only one in our little family with blue eyes and blond hair, and I love that!
2. She's named after me, her grandma Jane and her grandma Maggie.
3. Her desire to be just like her big sister, even though it drives Macy crazy.
4. How she has no meat on her bones--she's the teeny, skinniest little thing.
5. Her wacky sense of humor...tonight she told me, "Did you know you can go to Turkey, eat turkey, and be a turkey?" Ha!
6. She's my snuggle-buddy. She loves to cuddle up next to me, and is always in my "personal space". She's always holding my hand, or wanting me to hold her.
7. Finally, at least for this list, the way she plays swordfight on the Wii. Hard to explain, you will just have to see it, but she beats the crap out of her opponenet, and it looks so funny!

Baby girl has had a rough birthday...can't decide if she has an ear infection or just swimmer's ear, but she's been uncomfortable most of the day. She did, however, get into all her new Barbie's, so it wasn't all that bad.

She had a big party last night at the local hotel that rents out their pool. Pictures to come later, but she had a great time!!

Happy birthday, my sweet Kaylin!

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