Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My day

Here's my day, in a nutshell.

Work all day--have a student teacher, but she's not teaching yet. I taught all day, and explained every little thing to her in downtime. Felt like I talked All.Day.Long.

4:00--Get girls off bus. Kaylin crying about her ear (like she does every day)
4:15--Fix dinner for Macy and me; Kaylin won't eat and Bobby is sick
4:30--Make Kaylin doctor's appt.
5:00--Drop Macy off at friends house to play
5:15--Take Kaylin to doctor--bad, bad case of swimmer's ear. Antibiotic ear drops prescribed.
6:00--Drop off Kaylin at cheerleading
6:15--Pick up Macy from friends house
6:25--Drop off Kaylin's prescription
6:30--Go to last 30 minutes of Kaylin's cheerleading practice (I'm assistant coach)
7:00--Drop off Macy at basketball
7:05--Get car stuck in snow and other basketball coach has to push car out
7:10--Get gas
7:15--Pick up Kaylin's prescription
7:30--Pick up McDonalds for Bobby
7:35--Fix Kaylin dinner
7:40--Fight with Garage door; garage door wins
8:00-Pick Up Macy from basketball
8:30--prayers, books read, backpacks ready for tomorrow, clothes picked out
9:00--start working on test/study guide for class tomorrow
11:00--realize I left something at school and can't finish test
11:30--finish what I can; have to get up early to finish at school
11:45--finish this blog post and go to bed

I cannot wait until my husband feels better and life can return to normal. Who am I kidding? Life is never normal.

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