Saturday, January 22, 2011

I may be terrible, but I'm okay with that

We are not a healthy-food family. I know, I know, we should be, but we aren't. But you know--our kids are healthy, happy, well-adjusted. They are obviously growing well despite the lack of healthy food. As the kids have gotten older, I don't fuss about certain foods, and just let my kids live.

Bobby told me to give Macy a Mountain Dew about a 1/2 hour or hour before her basketball game, time enough for that caffeine to kick into her system and make her hyper. She's rarely hyper on the basketball court, and he wanted her to be more aggressive. Sugar and caffeine will do that for you.

So we were at Kaylin's game, at the concession stand, and I was commenting to another mom that I needed to buy Macy's Mountain Dew. Another mom I don't know overhead, and let me tell you, you would have thought I was going to buy crack for my kid.

"You are buying what?" She said, eyes as big as saucers.
"Oh, just a can of Mountain Dew to give her some energy for her game." I said, shrugging it off.
"Ohhhhh...I would never do that. I make my kids stay away from anything bad for them. Water or milk only for us!" She said, with a completely snotty voice. You can imagine.
"Oh, well, it's one can, and we don't give it to her all the time." I replied.
"But it's full of horrible chemicals that does bad things to their body! You shouldn't put those things in their bodies."

At this point, my friend and I started talking quickly to avoid this crazy lady and where the conversation was going.

When it was her turn, Crazy Lady ordered an apple and a water. I ordered a Mountain Dew for Macy and a Pepsi for Kaylin.

And Macy played very well at her game.

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