Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Ahhhh...the beauty of a snow day. Every teacher and kid's dream. We had one today, and probably tomorrow as well, I'm guessing. Here's what we have done today:

  • Slept until 9 (I needed it; I was up at 2:30, then wide awake from 4-5, dozed from 5-6, slept pretty good from 6-9)
  • Ate chocolate and cinnamon rolls for breakfast
  • Took down our Christmas decorations. Yes, I realize it is January 10. 
  • Bundled up and played in the backyard, riding the sleds down the slide and the deck steps
  • Filled squirt bottles with water and food coloring to "paint" the snow. It didn't work very well.
  • Thought my dog bit her tongue in half. That was a fun moment. 
  • Ate soup and hot chocolate for lunch
  • Bundled up again and headed to the girls' school with some friends. We sledded for about 3 hours! Up and down the hill, up and down the hill. Going to be sore tomorrow! But what fun.
  • Had "quiet time" in our rooms reading books while pizza cooked
  • Ate pizza for dinner
  • Now? Watching SpongeBob 
  • Later? Making chocolate chip cookies
Only thing that would make this day more perfect is if Bobby was home!

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