Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kaylin's birthday picture blow-out

Daddy lighting the candles on her cake...she wanted this beach one with flip-flops. So appropriate when it's 12 degrees outside, but whatever. You're only 7 once, right?
Blowing out the candles...
All the lovely ladies before getting in the pool. They were quite anxious at this point, but were good sports.
Not one of my my children, but I loooovvvveee this shot! How cool is it??
Kaylin and two of her buddies...they did this all night long!
Of course Macy was there too...
Attempting to get a picture of all the girls jumping in at one time.
This is Haley, their current favorite baby-sitter. I paid her to hang out in the pool with the kids, mainly so I wouldn't have to jump in fully-clothed to save someone. She had kids hanging on her all night long. She definitely earned her money's worth.
I love doing these pool parties. No party planning, no entertaining the kids...they just splash and play for 2 hours!

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