Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The story of the blue hair

Letting the girls be girls is important to me. I want them to be free to experiment, within reason, with things and let them explore. I think it's important for them to become their own person. I have to say "no" enough; it's nice to be able to say "yes" to some less-important matters. Thus, we have a weird concoction in the freezer that's a mixture of who knows what. That's why there is a 2-liter of pop, filled with water and green food coloring, out on the deck to see if the water will evaporate. That's why Kaylin is usually wearing some strange outfit, and why Macy died her hair with Kool-aid. Here's the story...

We'd heard somewhere about dying hair with Kool-aid, and she said she wanted too.  I figured what the heck, as long as it wasn't all her hair.  I told her we'd do it over Christmas. So Sunday night, she picked out Berry Blue Kool-aid, and, after reading online how to do it, we dyed a strand in the back of her hair with Berry Blue Kool-aid. I forgot to wear gloves, and let me tell you...the kool-aid stains. My hands were actually brighter than her hair. But after more online research, toothpaste takes out Kool-aid stains. 

Macy's hair turned out pretty good, but it wasn't very bright. Some of that is because her hair is darker, some of it is because we didn't put on enough. The chlorine in the hotel pool pulled out what was left. She wants to try it again, and I will wear gloves next time.

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