Friday, September 17, 2010

Earring Success!

Last night I attended a oh-so-exciting Girl Scout Cookie Training meeting,  where I sat and played games on my iPhone, and convinced another mom she needed a iPhone. When I came home, the girls descended on me: they wanted to change their earrings. Oh goodness. Let the weeping and gnashing of teeth begin.

When Macy wanted to change her earrings the first time, here is what happened.

Luckily, Bobby was home. He pulled the back off the earring while I held Macy's hand, and all went well. She put in new earrings, and I had to put the back on, but all was well. She changed them again this morning, and then again tonight. That's more than ever before, so I think she's going to be okay with her earrings.

Then it was Kaylin's turn. It wasn't pretty. Bobby pulled off the back (it's really hard to get the back off the first time) while I basically held her down so she couldn't use her arms. She screamed, and screamed, and screamed bloody murder. I know this makes me a terrible mother, but I've been down that road with Macy, and I wasn't doing that again with Kaylin. That earring was coming out, and we were moving on. One earring was kind of stuck to the back of her ear, and it bled a little. But I got new earrings in, and we also changed them again tonight, so it's going okay. Thank goodness.

Tomorrow we're heading over to Zona to buy some new fun earrings. So glad this is working better than last time.

On another funny note, last night Bobby and I were sitting downstairs watching TV. The girls had ben asleep about an hour. We hear someone yell "Done!" then Macy appears at the top of the stairs. She points her finger straight up in the air and says, "I'm done!" Bobby asks her something, and she mumbled, then went back to bed. Love it when they sleep-walk--pretty funny stuff. They get it from their dad. :)

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