Monday, September 6, 2010

Road Trip

Yesterday we took a day trip to visit Bobby's 90-year-old grandmother who was recently moved into a nursing home. It is 4 hours away, sometimes more depending on stops.

We spent about an hour cleaning stuff out of her house. She's lived in that house for I have no idea how long--50 years? And it showed. We pitched ALOT of stuff, and filled up a couple trash bags full of old-lady clothes for Goodwill. She used to embroider and needlepoint, so Bobby's sister and I split up some cool pillowcases and blankets. The boys were useless, just wandering around saying "I don't know what to do." We only got one room cleaned out. I think a dumpster is being planned for another visit.

Then we ventured over to the nursing home. Grandma Velma is a spry, feisty little lady who is in REALLY good heath, just unfortunately her mind is slipping away. She couldn't remember our names, but at least did remember that she knew us. She was excited beyond belief to see us, even though she had to ask three times what my name was.

I had forgotten to discuss with the girls what the nursing home would be like, and they handled it really well. They didn't stare or laugh at some of the residents lined up in the hallway with their wheelchairs that weren't in as good of shape as Velma, and patiently answered Velma when she asked them repeatedly what grade they were in or what their name was.

Here they are with Great-Grandma Velma.

Macy played her guitar for everyone, under some coaxing from us. She was a little embarrassed to play, but she's only had three lessons; no one was expecting Taylor Swift. 

We headed home after a quick trip to Walmart (what visit to Salem, MO is complete without a visit to their Walmart) and arrived home about 10. The girls and I got to sleep in this morning, but poor Bobby didn't.

2 funnies from Kaylin:

At lunch she was eating her mac and cheese with her fingers. I told her to use her silverware, and she looked at her silverware, looked up at me and said "My silverware is broken." Then she grinned. 

When cleaning, Kaylin said she'd found a "butt jammer". No one could figure out what she was talking about, and she couldn't find the "butt jammer" again. Then someone found a shoe horn, and she goes, "There's the butt jammer!" Ummm....I don't want to know. 

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