Sunday, September 26, 2010

A get-away

Bobby and I have always been "on the go" people--we don't like to just sit at home. We have been known to drive to Denver for a couple days with our good friends, or drive to Branson for a day or two, or just go camping 10 minutes from home. Once, when Macy wasn't quite one, we went to Midnight Madness for Mizzou basketball--yes, we took our not-quite-one-year-old to a midnight basketball practice. That's just the way we roll.

We decided to take advantage of the nice cooler weather to go camping Saturday night down at Lake of the Ozarks. We like to camp, but from July on it's just been too hot, so we were looking forward to a cool night in the tent, snuggled into sleeping bags. Why not? A friend teased us about it, but we love spur of the moment trips like this.

Except there was a 60% chance of rain that popped up Saturday morning. So, after watching the radar the entire way down (thanks, iPhone!) and discovering our campsite was at the bottom of a steep hill, we elected to pay a little more for a cabin. So much for a one last night in the tent!

The campsite had some ducks and were selling a huge bag of duck food for .25 cents. The girls had a ball feeding the ducks, and watching this one crazy duck they named "Mr. Quackers."

We also ventured to our favorite go-kart track; we've been going to this one for a few years. Lots of sharp turns. Macy was finally tall enough to drive, and she was so excited. She was a little shaky at the beginning and rammed into the side, but after a little assistance from Bobby, she was fine. According to Bobby, she never touched the brake--full throttle the entire time. She still never caught up with me and Kaylin, though. 

We are both so happy that both girls are so fearless and willing to try new things! 

We roasted marshmallow's, and Bobby built us a huge, roaring fire. Once the rain started in, it was so nice in the cabin,with the rain hitting the tin roof. The girls were going to sleep in the loft area, but with Macy's recent sleepwalking episodes, we were afraid of her falling down the ladder, so she slept on the futon. 

This morning we played mini-golf at the course on the campsite, then headed home.

Nothing wild or expensive, but a fun little get-away, and I hope the girls will appreciate these as they think back to their childhoods. 

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