Thursday, September 9, 2010

What an embarrassment to society

At church last night, the girls worked on a sheet where they had to list their family members, then describe him/her.


Mom--fune (funny)

Kaylin-nice (apparently she crossed out weird. How nice of her.)
Mom--immbericing (embarrassing.)

I asked Macy about it when I was tucking in her. I asked if I was really that embarrassing that she had to use that to describe me. Her response? Yes. I asked what I had done that was THAT embarrassing. Apparently when I ran through the sprinkler at Girl Scout camp (when it was 105 degrees and all the other moms were doing it too) and that I have been taking a Zumba dance/workout class embarrasses her beyond belief.

Such joy to look forward to as she gets older, and more opportunities for embarrassment come up.

Macy's paper also said that if she could have a different name, she'd pick Ashley. Kaylin would pick "Talr" (Taylor). Why didn't we think of those names?? :)

Such fascinating things to learn on the "Diary of an Obedient Kid" page.

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