Sunday, September 19, 2010

Needs vs. Wants

As usual, at lunch today I asked the girls what they had learned in church that morning. As usual, I didn't get much, other than Macy's class had talked about needs vs. wants. Not sure how it related back to the Bible, but I'm sure it did somehow. She seemed to grasp the concept, and smiled a wicked smile as she said that a TV in her room was a need. We assured it was not.

Then at Walmart tonight, I was looking at sheets over in the clearance aisle, and she proceeded to pick up a decorative pillow. "See? A pillow is a need because otherwise it wouldn't be comfortable when you sleep," again with that same wicked smile. I assured her a pillow might be a need, but not really, and definitely not that ugly decorative pillow she was holding.

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