Sunday, April 4, 2010

What goes around, comes around

I'm not good at math. Not a secret, just the truth. When I was young, my dad would drill me on math facts. Not sure if he did this to improve my math skills, or just to keep me occupied. As I got older, I had to do his math problems without a calculator. His reasoning? One of these days I would need to be able to do math without a calculator. Guess what? I don't really ever need to do math without a calculator.

I hated it. 

But looking back now, it was just a time for us to bond, to spend time together. Just like it was in the car on Friday night. We were driving back from Bobby's grandmother's, and we'd been in the car about 8 hours that day. The portable DVD player wasn't working right, and they were very fussy with each other. So Kaylin hands me a notebook and has me write math problems for her to solve. I start with easy ones, then quickly had to move onto harder ones. Then Macy wanted math problems too! So until it got dark, I wrote math problems for the two of them. And I was reminded of those years sitting in the family room, doing my own math problems.

And I'm still bad at math. :)

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