Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to travel with high school students

  • Make them wake up insanely early, like 3 am.
  • Make sure they all have boarding passes--wouldn't be good to get to Denver without a boarding pass to Portland!
  • Stay with their luggage on the layover so they can get breakfast and go to the bathroom
  • Make sure they tip the shuttle driver from the airport to the hotel
  • Make sure they eat lunch, instead of just a granola bar
  • Keep them moving on the streets, especially when homeless people or shady people are lingering in doorways and the small of marijuana reeks in the air
  • Help them get discounts into the zoo
  • Watch as they get disgusted as polar bears, rhinos, and the elephants all poop and pee right in front of us
  • Drag them all over the light rails and streetcars, making sure they always know what stop to get off on
  • Patiently wait as they want to shop at the same stores they have back home, and patiently wait as they buy the underwear they forgot to pack
  • Take them to a very nice dinner to relax, and enjoy their company
  • Shhh them a million times because they are the LOUDEST group you've ever traveled with
  • By the time you get back to the hotel, make sure they are so dead tired they wouldn't even think of doing anything bad
  • Doublecheck 900 times what time they are to be up in the morning
  • Lock your door, go to sleep and start all over again

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