Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bad Blogger

I've been so busy lately that my blog is suffering. I know I need to be better, but I just haven't had time! My dear friend is in Baltimore with her new adopted baby who is in the NICU, and so I've picked up more work at school. I finished the stupid fire program--that's my technical name for it--and I'm so happy about that!

My brother's family came in town last night and tonight (Bobby is at the airport right now picking up my niece, her husband, and my nephew!) and will be here until Sunday. I let the girls play hooky today to play with their cousin Josh all day. They only had a 1 day sspring break, so I felt justfiied in letting them stay home. We have a busy weekend planned!

I can't even think of any funny stories from the girls to share. I'm sure they've done things, but I can't remember any right now!

At school tomorrow, I will try to upload our Easter pictures. The connection is so much faster at school!

I will make a better effort to be a better blogger. Thanks for hanging with me!

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Anonymous said...

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