Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trying to be the best mom I can

I constantly question, as I assume most parents do, whether or not I'm a good mom. I lose my patience frequently, don't always listen like I should, forget lunch money or can't find a Daisy vest for weeks on end. We don't pray like we should, the girls are so mean to each other, and they sass back to us all the time.

Yesterday we went to the zoo, for the 900th time, in the rain, for Scout Day. We took another little girl who is in Macy's class, but I don't know her very well. Macy did what she does best--talk, talk, talk the whole way there. She started listing everywhere she's been, telling Katie about the monuments in D.C., the beach in North Carolina, the moutains in Colorado, the trees in Atlanta, the zoo in Omaha, the arch in St. Louis, the Royals games, the rides in Branson--when it hit me.

I might not be the most patient mom, or spend the most time with them, but they've had a GREAT childhood. They've seen and experienced things other kids haven't. They aren't world travelers by any means--most of what we have done is pretty simple and not high-class. But they have experienced travel, and that is a huge gift I can give them.

They've been in dance, Girl Scouts, basketball, cheerleading, t-ball, soccer...all experiencing the things they should as a child. So maybe I bark at them when they won't stand still in church, or get frustrated when they won't fall asleep at night, but I think they will grow up well-adjusted members of society, despite my faults.

Oh, and this cracked me up:

Katie's response to Macy's list of places she's been?

"I've been to Kansas."

Katie's response to Macy's comment about how fun Worlds of Fun is?

"My grandmother found a dead cat in front of her house."