Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally...dance is over for a while

Our final dance recital was Sunday night. Feels good to be done with that for a while! Getting them ready for the recital is the most stressful thing ever--perfect hair slicked into a bun, full make-up on, and out the door on time is exhausting and a not-so-nice side of me comes out.

Both girls together...Macy started in this costume that you've seen before (remember, I had to glue all 250 tiny rhinestones on this work of art) then for her last 2 routines she was in the same outfit as KK.

Now, get closer and pretend like you like each other.
Ahhh...all the rhinestones stayed on. Guess I can glue properly after all.
This child needs some meat on her bones!
After the show, with roses from Daddy.

Bobby and I entertained ourselves with eating Smarties and Starburst during the show. Most of those routines we had seen 3 times already, so our attention wasn't the greatest.

Next fall will bring a new slew of classes-- no ballet, because "you have to balance yourself and stuff", but more than likely jazz, hip hop or tap.

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