Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday tidbits

We've had block scheduling all week and will for the next two. It sucks.

I've started the Insanity workout videos that Bobby has been doing for a month or so. I've done the video twice, and haven't been able to finish it once. I did get closer last night. Insanity is an appropriate name for the videos.

Macy is leaving today for a church retreat. She is very excited about being away from us for a day. I'm excited about having some time with just Kaylin. I bought Macy snacks to take, and made sure to tell her to share. We'll see if she does.

I rammed my knee into the corner of the desk earlier today, and it still hurts.

I can feel the change in the weather in the hand I broke a couple summers ago. Makes me feel like an old person: "Boy, the weather must be a-changin'; my hand is hurtin' something fierce!"

So excited about my trip to Baltimore next week!

Have a great weekend!

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