Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upward Picture Blow-out

We finished the Upward season on Saturday. It will be so nice to have our Saturday's back again! Here's our little cheerleader Kaylin. She missed one game when she was sick, but she cheered all the other games and LOVED it! Her little group was so loud!

Here she is starting the cheer at halftime. "Mom, it's called calling. Not starting." Oh, so sorry, Kaylin. By the way, I've now been demoted to being called Mom, not Mommy, by both of them.
Pretty cheerleader!
Our little basketball player! Well, not little. She's dangerously close to catching me in height soon. She loves practices and games, but does not care for Dad's "encouragment" from the sideline. As much as it pains me to say this, and probably more for Bobby to hear it, I don't think basketball will be her thing.
Part of the problem may have been that we played the same team every week, and a good friend of her's was on the other team. That's her below. Macy ended up guarding her most of the time, and that was not a good combination.
How big she is!
Bobby was her coach. He did a GREAT job with those girls. Every last one of them had a really fun time, while learning about basketball and Jesus. Bobby is great with kids--he really should have been a teacher.
Bobby and Macy, with Andy and Tess. Andy assisted Bobby, and they work together at the fire station.They are BFFs, even if Andy is a KU Fan.
And what picture blow-out would be complete without this picture? And I'm sure this will end up in the firefighter banquet slideshow next December.

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