Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Update

Two days in to spring break, and I'm enjoying myself a great deal by doing a whole lot of nothing.

Saturday was busy with the girls' last basketball and cheerleading games, then Bobby played in a coaches/referre game that night also. We were officially all basketball-ed out!

Sunday was a great morning at church, then we had their celebration for basketball/cheerleading. A magician performed, and let me tell you he was FANTASTIC!!! His humor was as good as his magic act. I totally enjoyed myself!

Monday Bobby put the girls on the bus and let me sleep in, and then he and I took a nice brisk 4 mile walk around Watkins Mill Lake. Little chilly, but not bad once we got moving. It was so nice to spend time with him just talking! We don't do enough of that.

Last night, two words: Bon. Jovi. Our seats were incredible--we were so close we could see the sweat on his face. He sweated through three shirts--he also ripped off his shirt right in front of us to change into the third shirt, so for about 2 seconds, before he ran backstage,I saw Jon Bon Jovi with his shirt off. Yum. He had a nice mix of old and new stuff, and sang for three hours straight. Great performance!

Today I had lunch on the Plaza with a friend, then drove through The Hood to the Girl Scout store to buy some patches for the girls.

Good times, good times!

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