Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still here

I'm still alive and here. Just busy!

I'm recovering from pink eye. Still can't wear make-up or my contacts. Bobby's been sick for a couple days and is finally feeling better. Kaylin and Macy have been sick in the last week. I've been fighting if off, and (knock on wood) I think I've made it.

We are doing interviews for newspaper staff for next year, which feels weird because I won't be there with them. I'm very excited about going to the new school, but it will be bittersweet at the same time to leave this school and these kids.

I went to a conference today. It's always good to get out of the classroom and learn new skills. I left my cell phone in my car when I got in a friends car to ride together, and I realized how dependent I was on my phone when I didn't have it all day. I couldn't check my email, or my Facebook, or my Twitter, or my Words with Friends Games, or my Whirly Word Games. But it was nice at the same time to be separated from the world for a break.

Only 7 school days until a whole week off!

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