Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Picture tour of new high school

This morning I got to tour the new high school where I will be next year. It was a quick tour during my plan. Some parts of the building are coming along nicely, and others are still lacking walls. My area is pretty much ready to go--I could go in and teach tomorrow. Minus computer and projector, etc.

My two classrooms next year: on the left is the computer lab, and on the right is the main classroom. I will share this with another teacher. We currently have a door connecting our lab and classroom, and it will be strange next year without that door.

Here's our tiny closet.
This is what will be our computer lab.
This is what will be the main classroom.

And this is a staircase to nothing...there's a door at the top, but the door goes nowhere.
Me, the yearbook adviser and our tech guy Curt with our hard hats.
This is the curved staircase in the front entry way.
And this is what will be the front entrance

It's coming along nicely! I'm exited to get in there. I will be lost for a while--the layout is so completely different. I'm closer to the front office than I currently am, but farther away from the cafetaria.

So ready for a change and a new challenge!

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